What is the Groovehouse.

The Groovehouse rave wear

It's us, it's who we are.

Deciding on a name is a always a bit scary. It's who your gonna be known as forever. Then you need to design your logo, your look your image. Then decide how you going to act. How are you going to speak, how are you going to present yourself to the world. Shit man. It's scary. I don't even know what I want for my tea and I've got to create a whole new identity.

rave wear logo | the groovehouse

Our logo. This is it.

So what is the The Groovehouse. We are essentially a clothing brand, but we will also be launching other items, some jewellery pieces, some home pieces, some gifts and whatever else catches my eye and I think should be out there.

That's what this business is, it's a bit of me and what's in my minds eye that I think looks good. Basically I grew up being a bit on the outside. There's more on that on our about us section here. I've always liked things that are a bit different and so now, you can see inside my brain and what i think is good. Hopefully you'll buy it too.

My big passions have been dance music and fashion, the 2 kind of go hand in hand. When you go out you wanna listen to good music and you wanna look good whilst you do it.... Well until a few hours into the night, when you're sweating your back out dancing, but you know what I mean. The first time i went proper clubbing I loved that finally, on that dance floor I could be me. Wearing what I wanted, dancing and chatting to anyone and everyone. It was ok. No one cared, and the ones that did, loved that you were a bit different. I liked this feeling. I have tried to carry that feeling across to The Groovehouse. I have designed each piece of clothing to capture a feeling and a good one at that. I have tried to create stylish pieces that I like, that are great for raving anywhere from a dark warehouse, to a sun kissed open air Ibiza terrace or just chilling with your friends in a pub.

Why "The Groovehouse" ? Well it's got house in the title. I love house music, I totally love it, so there's that. For me the most important thing, not just in music, but in life is your groove. If you're in your groove, life is good. If the musics got a good groove, then you'll shake your ass to it. If you're shaking your ass, then the rest of you will follow. So put them both together and you've got yourself a name.

When you start a business, you start reading online articles about being professional, presenting a good business image etc, you kind of get told that you should present a certain image. Wow, that bores the shit out of me, so I'm not going to do it. It's me, I pour my heart and soul into this and so I'm not going to act like someone else. So I'll be acting and presenting myself as a person, the person that I am.

So there you go. An image. A look. A name. A feel. A business.


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