We're only in bloody DJ mag !!

I remember back in the olden days, when we all wore cloth caps and rode bikes up cobbled hills.... Well not exactly that long ago, but when you used to have to read the club listing pages in a magazine to see who was on for the upcoming months. I know, crazy right. No events on facebook kids !!!!

Well anyway back in the nineties, magazines were important to clubbers, proper important. It was how you found about who was on, what was going on and read the reviews on the latest kit and new tunes. One of the best was always DJ mag, I loved it because it focused on the DJ ing side of things, as you'd guess by the name. The tunes reviews were always spot on with loads of detail. The mag is still great and full of top features and this month we're super proud to be one of those features. Our START RAVES NOTE WARS t shirt available here. is featured in this months fashion pages. With a top little write up too.

start raves not wars t shirt DJ magazine | The Groovehouse

I just want to say a big thanks to the team at DJ mag, as a new business it's really great to be featured in top places like DJ mag and it really means a lot.

The new issue is out now and you can get it on the DJ mag site here


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