Music connects people T shirt design details.

Music connects people T shirt 

I'm going to be adding posts about some of the products that I have designed and why I designed them. I want to design and create products that I love. Something that means something, to me initially, but then hopefully to you guys as well. Peeps that love dance music. I love house music. I'm proud to love house music. I want to share the power of house music. I don't think that there's many finer feelings in this world than being together, on a dance floor and just going for it to awesome music. For me that's a driving four/four beat with a deep and groovy baseline, but everyone has their own choice and that's what makes it so beautiful, you really can dance to your own beat.

So when you're thinking about heading onto the dancefloor, what are you going to wear to go clubbing ? What are you going to wear to a festival ? What are you going to wear for Bora Bora beach in Ibiza ? Well hopefully we can help answer those questions with some of our ravewear, festival clothes and just general music inspired clothing. I've tried to make each piece as wearable for a T shirt for a techno festival or just as a nice top you can chuck on for a few hours in a beer garden on a Bank holiday, but hopefully one that makes you feel mint and if you catch the eye of a fellow raver... They'll give you a knowing wink, because they understand. They know the power of the dancefloor.

In my last post I wrote about my time on the Lisa Lashes School of Music course and how it was made so special by the people involved. The amazing part was that there was people there from all walks of life. From different areas of the country. From Glasgow hardcore heads, through to R & B heads, liquid Drum and Bassers and southern deep house groovers, they were all there. Everyone had their own thoughts, lives, emotions, issues, loves, likes and dislikes.... But when the decks came on and the music came through the speakers, they all kind of... came together. Eyes lit up, feet tapped and heads nodded. A lot of the time fists were pumped. But every time smiles were on faces and fun was had. It was music that did that. There's not much else, or probably anything else that can bring people together like that.


I wanted to create a design that celebrates that. I toyed with several big slogan style designs, but I wanted this one to be a  bite more subtle. not shouting it from the rooftops, but just putting it out there. So i went for a back print. It's a simple font, slim streamlined and capitalised. No messing around. There's a bit of nice spacing on the design, just to give it a bit more of a contemporary feel. It's loosely inspired by an eye test board, you know the things that you see in an opticians. So you might find people reading your back.... But if it spreads the message, I'm down with that. And, hey, if you catch someone reading your back, have a chat with them. They might be the best friend you ever make.

rave t shirt | the groovehouse

This tee is on 100% organic cotton. No shit fabrics here. I want things to feel nice as well as looks good. It's available as in White/black, black/white and Grey/white.

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