The Groovehouse

  • This Months The Groovehouse radio show

    I am super chuffed to be hosting a radio show once again.  The show is music focussed, playing all things deep and groovy. Some minimal cuts, deep house, tech house, maybe some cheeky techno, but all groovy as shit.
  • New - Prints and wall art coming soon

    I’m creating a range of prints, or wall art. Whatever you call it... it’s artwork to hang on your wall, or on a picture shelf as part of a wall gallery. Make your home look bang on
  • We're only in bloody DJ mag !!

    We're super proud to be one of those features. Our START RAVES NOTE WARS t shirt available here. is featured in this months fashion pages. With a top little write up too.
  • Fatboy Slims Awesome Smiley Exhibition.

    I remember seeing an article about Fatboy Slim or Norman Cook as he's known to his friends, I think it was in Mixmag and it showed him at his home, in Brighton, in his studio. It was full of smileys, in all shapes and sizes, but all proper smileys.
  • Music connects people T shirt design details.

    But if it spreads the message, I'm down with that. And, hey, if you catch someone reading your back, have a chat with them. They might be the best friend you ever make.
  • You go to School... And Lisa Lashes is your teacher !!!

    A mix of all kinds, backgrounds, likes, dislikes and just very different kinds of people. Some of these would be people that in everyday life I simply would not have spoken to. Yet on this course you are all together, brought there for one reason, that reason is music and a shared love of it. Every single person on that course, from the students through to the tutors had a love of dance music, music with repetitive beats.
  • Who am I.

    So, going to nightclubs, these magical places where just for a few hours, everyone was dressed how they wanted, being who they wanted, not giving a single shit and all in it together was amazing. The feeling of being a part of something is a special one. 
  • What is the Groovehouse.

    That's what this business is, it's a bit of me and what's in my minds eye that I think looks good.